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Foray Forage Company Limited established in 2007, located in a beautiful and peaceful suburb Yunlin Country. We specialized in manufacturing of a variety of feeds for pets, ornamental fish, reptiles, etc. We also cooperate with companies locally and globally to provide products for ODM and OEM purpose.



Our integrated technology and advanced mechanical equipments facilitate a computer balancing formula during the manufacturing process, together with our system calculated monitory program, which complete a fully automated streamlined manufactory. Our automated process and efficiency capability have achieved the highly regional standard. In order to strictly control the products’ quality, and to fulfill our severe self requirement, on Oct 2007, the company has attained ISO 22000, HACCP and ISO 9001 global quality recognition. From the procurement of raw materials, throughout manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, logistics and to the delivery to end customer, we progress with a scientific and systematic appraisal analysis approach. We cautiously examine all HACCP’s critical control points to monitor any potential risk of hazards to food safety. Foray’s ultimate mission is to ensure product quality. Our fundamental promise of customer is the safety of our products.


Foray has its own laboratory and a team of professional examiners. Our proficient product development specialists and experienced management team are here to promptly support with any product inquiries and available to provide our high standard and high quality products. Any inquiries from local or global manufacturers are welcomed. We believed that Foray is your best business partner and we are looking forward to working with you to create infinite business opportunities.


Our factory was designed, built and assembled in accordance to requirements of ISO 22000 and HACCP. The factory was designed based on sealed exterior structure and open-ended interior configuration. The 6 storage factory has a high ceiling, integrated factory design, you can see the ground floor from the 6th floor platform. The spacious design can also reduce the environmental pressure of our operators; it’s the unique design of our factory.


Inside the warehouse, there are Ten 350 tons of raw materials containers with air conditioning maintain at 16 degrees. It is to preserve the quality and freshness of the raw materials, which is the most advanced storage facility in Taiwan.

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